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Another update...

On the kids front nothing has happened......only the grandkids are older ( and so are we lol)  ..Maddie is 3 years and almost 10 months...and Oliver is 2 years and 3 months...

Other news is that Alan is still at home ( no work at all ) and he stopped smoking beginning of December 2012, which I am very happy about. Good on all fronts...for his health, for mine and also very important for the health of our wallet .

Alan needs an operation which has to do with his legs, it became harder and harder for him to get around without pain and having to stop from time to time.

We went to our GP for the first time at the 29Th of March ....several visits to the hospital and investigations followed and operating day was 1st of July....which makes it 3 months from start to finish which is very quick.... if we would have been in UK we would have been lucky to have the first appointment. Both arteries/veins in his legs were totally clogged.

Alan has been operated on on the 1st of July... a very big one....and it will take about 3/4 months before he is back to normal.
It's called " broekoperatie " trouser-operation  where they give a big vertical cut in your  belly ( about 30 cm) and a horizontal at the bottom one of about 20 cm in total ... and a cut in both groins of about 15 cm each.
They cut the big belly aorta  and sew in a new part in it and the other parts in both  leg arteries ( its an upside down Y)

He has been in the operating theatre for 6 hours in total and after that he was 3 days in ICU., before going to another ward with 2 beds....

It has been very hard on him and was and still is very easily tired ...and the first 3 weeks at home he was sick every night when  he was laying down for about 2 hours.  He was only giving up a few spoonfuls of fluid though no food.

He has been sleeping downstairs , because in the beginning he couldn't go upstairs, and we only have a toilet downstairs so that made things much easier for him .

Since 6 nights he hasn't been sick, which is good....though he has been careful with how much  he ate. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Coming Saturday Pat is coming over again for Alan's birthday and she will be going home Wednesday evening......we have no idea what we will be doing ... a lot depends on Alan , how he feels and also  it depends on the weather.


It has been a very long time since I last posted ...there was not much too say  .. situation in UK is still the same .. Maddie is already 3 years old ( last October) and Oliver will be 2 this May .......we have not heard bout both of them .. we have been sending birthday cards and Christmas cards though .. even though we have the feeling that the moment they see its from Holland it will go into the bin ....but I say ... we know we did send one and they know we did send cards, so they can never say that we never did ....

A couple of weeks I found out that my dad has died a few years back ....very nice of my brother and sister not to tell me.. I know my father has told them not to let me know before both of them were dead  because they didn't want me at their funeral. It's sad that at the age they are they still do what mommy and daddy tell them to do or not do as might be the case....very sad.  I wasn't sad because he died , for me that happened a very long time ago already ....but they could at least have had the guts to send me an email with the news.
Even though t the time of my fathers email I had told my brother not to bother letting me know, but we have moved on a few years and it would have been just polite an respectful  to let me know he died ....It shows you what kinda people they are ....I was never like that ....if you hadn't done something to me I would still talk to you, even if my parents stopped talking to that person.. that has nothing to do with me .....my brother and sister are like my mom and dad...why?? The idea to walk holding their hands a their age ( about 55 and 60) is beyond me, you would think they are old enough to make up their own mind and not do what mommy and daddy tell you.   o idea....afraid to be cut out of their inheritance?? dunno ....that is what my dad accused me of when I thought I try to get back in touch with them about 6 years ago ....he accused me of being after their inheritance....Yeah right ....unless he knew something that I didn't ..as far as I knew there was not much to inherit... they might have won the lottery , winks.....

Contact with Karin is still non existing , might change at some time . not holding my breath though.... nothing I can do there either .. its not enough if one person wants it.. a relation has to come from both sides....

Alan and I are still very happy... he isn't working at the moment, has not been for the last 14 months...which is a shame, cause we could use the money .. but what isn't, isn't, no need to worry bout it....and it's nice to have him home as well ..

Last July we have been to Denmark again to visit Michael - Mette and the boys ( Mark and Mike)  ..it's so nice to b
with them, you always are made to feel at home and very welcome. Both Alan and I love going to Denmark.
They might come here again this year, if not we might go there again , time will tell. It's unbelievable that Michael and I know each other for 13 years this year, that proofs that online friendship does exist...will be and online love too lol...that will be 12 years for Alan and me this year.
 Also 12 years this year for Michael and Mette, only they met a few months later then we did. The 4 of us get along very well, which is very nice, we are very good friends, even though we live far from each other



 Today at 17.15 I had a phonecall telling me that Alan had had a little accident at work. A beam had slid away and Alan stepped back and stumbled and fell on a stone  and lost conciousness  for a few minutes. Luckily Andre and Arjen were there too and called the ambulance of which 2 came because he was out for a few...when they saw he was ok-ish  one left again and the other one took Alan and Andre went too... he was brought to Hoorn.
Arjen called me and told me what had happened and that he was going to get me and bring me to the hospital.

Alan was pretty badly hurt at his head, worse then was thought  in the beginning.....he had 3 large gashes ....one on top of his head ...one on the left side of his head and one at right side, where almost all his ear at the back was open and his ear cardlidge( the bone in his ear) was broken and needed fixing. He hit the stone very strange as he hit it on 3 spots..they all needed stitching....they had never done the ear thing before .and was very painfull to numb that with injection because of the place it was.  While they were doing that I left him because he had to stay in hospital for the night and I left with Andre and Arjen. 

Alan had lost a bit of what had happened before the accident... he remembers the beam sliding and next thing he knows is waking up in the ambulance.....he also thought it happened at 16.00 because he told me he was about to go home when it happened....which wasnt true as it happened about 17.45 - 17.50 because Andre called his wife at 17.55 that Alan just had had an accident and not to expect him for a while.

Tomorrow Andre is bringing Alans car to the garage ( that was already set up that he was going to collect Alan from there ) and pick me up later to bring me to the hospital and pick Alan up and drive us home again.
I called the hospital tonight around 21.45 to see how he was doing  and he only just had been brought upstairs but they thought he was doing fine.....and to come around 11.00 am to see if he could come home with us. The nurse asked how I was doing, which was nice .  She wrote down my number and told me she would contact me if things would change with him tonight.

It was quite a shock and a scare I tell ya, something I could easily do without that's for sure.

edit ....17-7-2011
 he is feeling bit better today ...yesterday he could hardly walk though or move his neck ....and when he stood up too fast he got dizzy, and he had problems typing as he has to bend his head/neck to see what he is doing ..... he has a large blue spot on his right hip...that wasn't there Friday ...keeps growing .....

strange thing though ...when I had the phonecall it was from Alan's phone....normally I answer with " hello darling"  now I said  " hello"    and about half an hour before that  ( as I found out it was at same time it had happened  I was telling myself that I didn't know Andre's  phone number of the correct home address, I couldn't get hold of him at all ... which was strange  because I had never wondered about that before .. and he had been working for him for a few months already ......so something must have made me think about that one.....


grandfather again

 Today we heard that Alan has become a grandfather again ..this time from Cara and John...... its a boy and called  " Oliver"  he was born at 02.28 am and 7 pound heavy , born the normal way.

Cara called this afternoon about 2.30pm asking for her dad.. when I told her he wasn't home she asked me what time he would be home.. I told her 6pm our time ( which is 5pm UK time)  she didn't tell me anything  and said she would call back at that time.. that was it and hung up..........

So we knew then that she has had a baby, only we didn't know what it was and such... I had followed their facebook, so I knew it was about to be born around the 11th............

I knew from facebook  about 5pm what it was and what it was called...I think it isn't right that she called her Dad about 11 hours after the baby was born, she could have called much sooner..Dani at the time called almost 1 hour after Maddie was born and she did have a c-section ( that was in the time that things were still alright , or so we thought)

All who called at 6pm... no one...............it wasn't till almost 22.00 till we had a phone call.. by that time I think Alan was pissed off ( I was too ) and he told me not to answer the phone and let it go to the answering machine...............She left a msg ... telling him he had become a granddad again, this time from baby Oliver, when he was born and what his weight was.. she ended with... "if you want to call.. call" ...........she too sounded a bit miffed that no one had answered .............does she really think that we were sitting near the phone waiting for her to call????

As it happens we were supposed to go to Richard ( our neighbour) as it is his b-day today... but didn't go because Alan was asleep or almost asleep all evening, so we decided not to go ................if she had called when she said she would, Alan would have answered the phone, now he didn't. And if she had told me that the baby was born, but telling me she wanted to tell her Dad in person what it was and it's name and such , that would have been a normal thing I think..not saying anything to me is very very childish and also vindictive...and he would have called her himself before we left the house.

edit ....15-5-2011
After much thinking about this Alan has decided NOT to call at all. He said..." why do they expect me to react like nothing has happened... they started all this , I / we didn't  ...they think they can say and do anything they want and we have to take it... well I have had enough , they have hurt me / us very much with their behaviour ( already 1 year ago now) , but  will still send a card for Oliver's birth and will keep sending cards to the kids for their birthdays and Christmas... but that is it.  I am not going by myself either, do they really think that I will leave you in the car for an hour or so? I don;t think so.. after all you haven't done anything to either of them but love them."
Alan said that if she really had wanted to talk to him she could have called him on the mobile-phone...which she didn't do, that shows ya how much she wanted to talk to him eh.

We did get a monkey  with Oliver's name and date of birth embroidered on its sweater to sit next to Maddie's bear. We had originally bought that one to give to Maddie's first birthday, but after the behaviour with the birthcandle and such we decided to keep it ourself and put it on a little table on show, so now the cute bear has a new friend, and they look cute together. It would have been very nice if things had been different but they aren't unfortunately, not by our  choice.  

edit 19-5-2011

Alan DID call Cara last night  and talked for a while... he was the one kinda keeping the convo happening... he had told her that we were out and  if she had wanted to talk to him she could have used his mobilephone....answer was that she didn't think of it that it was hectic.. which we know to be a load of bull as both found the time to tell their friends and put it on the net ... also pics..........he asked for pics and ofcourse she would send some same night.............yeah right.. keep on  dreaming... I suppose she was busy again ... as her mom and Jeremy and Dani and Maddie were there when Alan called..any excuse not to do it, as he is at the bottom of her list... her online friends are way above on it.....ah well... shrugs.....its her choice to act like that, nothing we can do to change that one.... it still sucks though.

edit 28-5-2011

still no email from Cara with pics of Oliver..........we didn't really expect it, but miracles still happen sometimes...but  this isn't one of them.  Today Pat called and said that she had had an sms  from Cara at 08.00 at the morning of the 13th to tell her that  she had given birth to a baby-boy.....so it appears she has told everyone else but us ..as we could see from all the congratulations on Facebook ....... we found out 20 hours after his birth....lovely eh.

edit 2-6-2011

finally Alan received an email from Cara ( which was forwarded to him) with
one pic of Oliver ....only one, as if they haven't taken more of him, we know better... they could have chosen a better one, though I have no idea which one, as it isn't a good looking kid at all...but that isn't the point... they could have send more ...it just tells you how much they think of him ....this was only 14 days after she had promised to send an email with pics..to top it, it was not even a pic that we could open .. wrong format or something... so technically we still don't have anything.  They have not put any more pics on facebook ..which I think is strange..you would think they would want to share him with the friends and extended family. Ah well....


update... kinda

 its been a while since i last posted.. not a lot has happened here though ................. though alan has had a phonecall  somewhere in nov last year from cara that she was pregnant......he hasnt heard from her since jan, then she did send him an email with pics of her and maddie..showing of her big tum.......we forgot when the due date was .. but i just looked on johns facebook ( lol i had a brainwave...eventhough i unmembered myself i thought it might be mentioned on there if the baby had been born ...............but apparently it is around 11th of may ... so we will see how things go .....................nothing heard from dani or deighton.. but we didnt really expect that....they both got the stubborn gene and the " i am right gene"

also found out that things in usa arnt going well at all ..............we already knew she had a hard time, but it seems to be even harder now.. specially on a personal level............she dug a hole for herself.. as alan says.. she is in a leaky boat without a pedal .....

this is according to ginger who is back in contact with dustin .. he came to here a few weeks telling her he missed her and still loved her...
a girl in the room we rp that has been screwed online like me 04/05/2011 11:46:04 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) and he has been hitting on her

he told her if he had met her before he got marreid he would be interested 04/05/2011 11:46:32 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) yea in whisper

and we ware talking in pm and she told me that he was playfully coming onto hiim 04/05/2011 11:48:34 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) she doesnt know karen but she does know he is married 04/05/2011 11:49:07 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) he told her he was thinking of divorcing her becouse they ahvent been doing anything in a long time

that stupid shit he told me not to tell anyone that it was as big secret \ 04/05/2011 11:49:59 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) he told me he couldnt divorce her becouse he couldnt do that to her after taking her away from home

yeah well she has been doing the paperroute since they live there .. that i know... officially it was in his name cause she couldnt work .. but she was delivering them ... yeah she dont most of the work ... even brought him to work .. and brought him lunch .... 04/05/2011 12:11:09 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) nods 04/05/2011 12:11:39 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) how can she bring him to work when she cant drive 04/05/2011 12:12:00 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay if i remebre they lived a bout 10 mins walk from the supermarket he worked at .. but ofcourse that was too far for him to walk .....................she done delivering papers and such even when she hardly could walk because of her back 04/05/2011 12:12:13 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay she can . she has an american license 04/05/2011 12:12:20 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay he cant or couldnt drive 04/05/2011 12:12:39 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) well according to him he drives to work and drives home and drives to school 04/05/2011 12:13:01 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) but he cant call me on the way home from work becouse karen is with him bla bla bla 04/05/2011 12:13:32 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay i remember karin having a very bad back here and having to do shopping... she could hardly walk ... and she had to carry 2 heavy bags ( about 15 mins walk normally ) and he was walking next to her with his hands in his pockets ... when i heard that i was so mad... 04/05/2011 12:13:54 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) i dont blame you 04/05/2011 12:14:27 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay well yeah .. he might drive ... but not imself... unless he has gotten that license in the meantime...... which would mean that karin is stuck at home 04/05/2011 12:15:54 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) oh but she cant stay at home.. for her safty she must accompany him becouse his brother in law is a felon that they had to testify against and he got probation and karen is fearful for her life so she comes along to his work becouse its at night 04/05/2011 12:16:02 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) um netty can you hear that? 04/05/2011 12:16:37 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay yeah right .. she comes to work with him and let him do the work??????? 04/05/2011 12:16:45 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) yea lol 04/05/2011 12:16:45 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay and pigs fly 04/05/2011 12:17:08 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay shakes head 04/05/2011 12:17:13 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) lol 04/05/2011 12:17:20 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) anyways check thi out 04/05/2011 12:17:28 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) i think i through him for a loop 04/05/2011 12:18:04 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) i told him on the phone tonight that i have a backup for commella incase viktor ends up rejecting her.. he was like huh? 04/05/2011 12:18:13 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) he was speachless for a few then laughed 04/05/2011 12:18:14 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) lol 04/05/2011 12:18:27 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) i know he didnt like that at all 04/05/2011 12:18:42 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay so why would he have laughed??? 04/05/2011 12:18:56 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) i think he was playing it off like he didnt care 04/05/2011 12:19:00 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay nods 04/05/2011 12:19:05 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) but his initial reaction said he wasnt happy 04/05/2011 12:19:06 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay wouldnt surprice me 04/05/2011 12:19:19 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) nods 04/05/2011 12:19:44 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) anyways hun its like 4:20 i need to get to sleep 04/05/2011 12:19:47 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) goodnight 04/05/2011 12:20:06 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay nightnight 04/05/2011 12:20:15 Virginiakay (F) Tanyshae (F) smiles 04/05/2011 15:59:48 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay i was peeling potatoes just now and a thought came to mind.............earlier today you said..................Virginiakay says (12:13): but he cant call me on the way home from work becouse karen is with him bla bla bla 04/05/2011 16:04:28 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay but in an earlier convo you said...................21/04/2011 19:07:28 Virginia (F) Tanyshae (F) well according to him he does it aloen becouse when he gets home she is asleep ....................................... 04/05/2011 16:05:04 (F) Tanyshae (F) Virginiakay something is wrong somehwere......................how can she be with him and at same time she is at home asleep ...............:-

so  it seems a lot is going on there .... inspite of the things she has done to me and treated me over the last 10 years she doesnt derserve to be treated like this 

as far as i know she still doesnt have her greenccard .. so she is still an illegal ... as far as i know she doesnt have a passport either .... so she is well buggerd

another thing i  
 found also out that dustin still hates me ... this is what  ginger told me ..........."he told me he hated you becouse he was like a slave in your house making him do chores and stuff lol"
 if you look at  the pics of the state of my house, they absolutely show i  made him a slave to do all the work eh ............ grins...i think those pics speak for themselves, how much work he has done while living here

all he has done while here was....... he helped me change my bed once because we found out he had lice and we needed to wash everything ... and changing the bed was too much for me as i just was home from that heavy tummy operation ...............and i think he done the dishes twice ( him washing.. me drying ) and only that after i had asked him several times
if that is treating him as a slave?????? yes i did rofl
you wonder though how many ppl he has been telling this bull ..................i bet a lot ...........as he is a manipulator ..
he can make ppl believe his bull ....................look at my daughter ................
eventhough she must know me very well she believed everything he told her 

he also told ginger that he has a major fantasy of dressing up in womens clothes and being taken in the butt but a woman with a strap on and called a little sissy slut lol
 karin didnt want to do that though .......and that is one of the reasons that according to him he hasnt had any for 5 or so years
he is kinky though i already knew that because of the stuff we found in their room after they left lol
 he was still 17 at that time when he was here .... and to try / use all kinda things isnt normal .. their relation had just started

can you imagine how he is now????? well the strap thingy tells ya enough i would say

i really feel for karin, and i am glad i am not in her shoes....but as she told me ...you made your bed and now you have to lie in it.....but my bed is way more comfortable then hers is, that i know....



Lot has happened

It has been over a year already since my last post.. a lot has happened .. some good .. some absolutely not good.

The good what happened is that we have our first grandchild.. she was born 22nd of October 2009, her name is Madeleine and she is a very cute girl... her mom is Alan's youngest daughter Dani.

The not good is ........From the first moment we arrived at her house in November  I was technically ignored as such ... yes she said hi and so BUT only Alan was handed his granddaughter , not me ........we had bought  a nice flowerpiece  for her and a lovely birthdaycandle with her name and day of birth on it... we had to specially order it and collect it, it wasn't something from a shelf....and other things as well.

The second time we arrived was 2 weeks later....I was more or less ignored again ... we went upstairs and found the bed unmade but with everything  on the mattress so we made the bed....WRONG!!!!......we shouldn't have done that because it wasn't meant for us but for Carla.... yes we are clairvoyant... one set.. unmade bed....go figure. .Another thing was that there were comments when we wanted to put our cups in the dishwasher...that wasn't allowed because that cost too much......Alan was told that he drank too much coffee ( cost too much)  and I drank too much tea..and oh .. whenever we had finished our drink we had to wash them straight away because otherwise it stained........

We were not allowed to use the shower too much because that cost too much ( her mom and bf .. had been there for 4 weeks... her sister and bf and brother with gf had been there during several weekends.so yes she had been using more water then when she was alone ) We weren't allowed to do a nr 1 downstairs either., had to do that upstairs.

The candle that we had given to Maddy was put at back of tele, you couldn't see it , only when you looked for it.

I still wasn't given Maddy to hold.. Alan gave her a few times to me but as soon as I had her she was taken away with some excuse... that did hurt big time....

Alan wanted to go home almost straight away  because he absolutely didn't feel at home, he felt unwanted .but I told him not to go, because I wanted him to enjoy his granddaughter because we couldn't see her often.... so we did that.... till Tuesday came and neither of us could go on and we made an excuse and left the next day ....she didn't want us to go and wanted us to stay till Saturday as was planned.

We planned on going again in May, only for 5 days this time and only to visit Dani and Maddy.

This time around though the presents ( candle) we had bought for Maddie's birth were nowhere to be seen at all.. not downstairs, not upstairs.

As soon as we were there ( after about 1 hour ) , Alan was smoking outside , she asked me if we planned on visiting our friend in Peacehaven . or Ray and Mary .....my reaction was that we didn't plan on going anywhere because we were there to visit her.... she left it with that  till late afternoon when we went shopping and she started again about that friend.. why not go to her and stay the night ... I told her no... that our friend was busy and didn't have time ..
Thursday evening she asked Alan if we wanted to go to Ray and Mary ..... Alan said no..".that is too far "............"Why not call him  ... you can always stay the night and come back Saturday" ( we were going home Sunday afternoon) ..Alan tried to stay nice  and say that he didn't know their phone number... her reaction was..." I have it " and was already dialling it and gave phone to Alan ....luckily they weren't home.. but in the meantime she was smsing their daughter to ask where her parents were . So Dani had no luck in getting rid of us ......Alan wasn't very happy with this all but kept his mouth again because he didn't want a fight.

There were the same things with comments again , only diff was that when we did put our cups on the worktop she had another comment that that belonged in the dishwasher !!!! Alan said  .." last time we weren't allowed.. how do we know that you changed the rules??"  Alan was told that he shouldn't give drinks to me  that I could do that myself.( We always make drinks for each other if the other person wants something to drink. That is normal for us )
Saturday  Alan wanted to get petrol because she had given him a voucher and she wanted to do shopping... weather wasn't very good and he said...£.why not leave Maddy with Netty so you and I go together" .... yeah right...... she stomped upstairs, got a car seat and took her .. so I went as well . she treated Alan like a kid  when she told him how to drive....  after that on the way home she wanted to go to the shoppingmall near her.. so we did .. was still raining..".where do you want to go" she asked her dad... he answered that we didn't want to go anywhere , we didn't need shopping... that pissed her off again and stomped back to the car and said ... "oh well we will stay inside all-day then eh "... like it was our fault it was raining...she just wanted to make life difficult for us both and that I would say something , but I never did and neither did Alan.
That afternoon Cara and bf came and  they were asked what they wanted to drink , so was Alan ,, everyone but me ....I didn't react at all and went to the kitchen after a while and had some water..

We were forced every night to watch HER programs at tele even though she knew we didn't like them ... the light was very dimmed so I couldn't read my book.. therefore we were both forced to watch, and not allowed to speak either because she said she was watching... this happened every night.

A lot more little things  have happened but its too much to all write down.. it would end up to be a trilogy.
Alan and I were very unhappy and he told me he wanted to say something ... I asked him not to do that because we would go home the next day ......We had planned to go out to dinner that night .. and Alan decided to start putting things in the car so that had been done.. while he was outside they were talking about ...the names  for everyone... Brenda was called Nonna... Jeremy ( Brenda's partner)  was called Pops.... John (Cara's partner) was called uncle John.......... Alan was called granddad .. then they stopped ....it was like I was hit in the face...and I went outside to Alan, because I didn't want them to see my tears., when he asked why I was crying .  he exploded and said that's it....and when everything was put in the car he went inside and started at Dani .... and mentioned  the last convo ... and she reacted  and said "that I was nothing I was a nobody ... I didn't have a name.."... and Alan said everything that was bugging him ( well not even everything ) and that we were going home and wouldn't be back here........she said... well you will not be seeing your granddaughter any more ..... Cara said..." but where will you go ??" he said ... "we will go to a hotel but certainly not here " ..

Alan went to the car to put something in it and Cara said to me ..... "are you happy now??  you finally got your way huh... you finally done it . are you happy now??.. because you were jealous that you don't have a relation with your daughter you done everything to split us up and now finally you got your way "...... I looked at her and said ..." I don't even want to answer this, this is so stupid, and you can't be further from the truth " and went upstairs to pack

.We went upstairs and packed the cases and left........... we decided not to go to a hotel but go to the supermarket getting the things we wanted and drive home instead... which we did

Alan got an email the next week from Cara..saying that she didn't want this to come between them... told him that she never has liked me from day one. but never said anything cause he appeared happy. She told him that she wanted him to visit, that they would pick him up from the airport .. and if I didn't like him going tough!!!  Alan has said to them that he wouldn't go by himself without me, I was his wife and we were an item, and I had not done anything to make them react the way they have done.

It appears that she had pretend to like me... spending days shopping with just her and me( her asking me)... both girls were witnesses at our wedding.. they both showed up with a bottle of champagne when I was at the hairdressers as a surprise for me ( why do all that if you don't like me??... there are many of those examples ... we both are at a loss here, it just doesn't make any sense at all )

Alan was hurt and angry and wrote her an email back telling her that he had quite a few questions he wanted an answer to, for them not to hold back at all but lay it all on the table.............. 2 weeks nothing.....then she replied that she had gone over the email but didn't know what to answer..... which we already knew.. because all they had said was a load of bull .....

2 weeks after Alan's 65th b-day he had a card  ....to granddad.........incl card and 2 pics of Maddy ....congratulating him from her and that was it .....
Alan said that he would rather not have had this because it was like... see what you are missing???
He wrote and email to Dani and said ...". Hi Maddy .. thx very much for the card and piccies... you are growing so fast. I think it is about time that you asked your mom for your own email address so I can send you and email . love granddad."...

no reaction to that one of course... not that we expected that .... well he said..." I can play that game too" .

Alan was trying to get back in touch with Deighton.. it seemed to be working ... and he had said that was happening between his father and his sisters had nothing to do with their relation.... so it sounded good... but we were going to meet him and when Alan send him an email telling him the dates we were in UK  we didn't hear from him and that has been over 3 weeks now .. so it seems that he took their sides and/or listened to his mum. dunno ... but all this hurts Alan and there for me too.  This is all too stupid for words

Time will tell how things will go ......as it is it sucks big time.

.... .



Another year has gone

We had Alan's birthday again  and Pat came over again, this time for 5 days. When she arrived at Schiphol we went straight to Delft, because we were half way to it, I had never been there and neither had she, Alan had though, be it about 20 years ago. We had a nice stroll around, something to eat, not much to write home about, was something to fill not more.
On Alan's birthday we went to the Boei again for dinner as usual it was Pat's treat. Yummy as always.

Friday we went by train to Alkmaar to visit the cheesemarket, she had never been there... we did not see a lot of it because it was very busy and she didn't want to wait for it to be a bit more quiet, so we strolled through the streets of Alkmaar and had something to drink ( and we had a big shower when we were sitting under a parasol, so that was our luck ) after that we went home again.

Saturday we went to Volendam and Marken, those places were new for her too. Alan and I had been to Volendam before with other friends and just the 2 of us, but he had never been to Marken ( I have been there once when I was 15 ) so on a boat we went there, it was a lovely sunny day... we had lunch on Marken and then went back again to Volendam to have  a stroll around the place , had an icecream and went home again. In the evening we went to a chinese restaurant here , we had never been there, it was dinner in buffet style and it was really yummy, Pat said that it needed to be put on our list to go to next time when she was over lol. So that is 2 restaurants now.

Sunday was a slow day, had lunch and in the afternoon we went to Schiphol to bring Pat there as she had to go home again ... it's always lovely to see her, shame we don't see more of her .

The 3 of us had some really good days, it was good that the weather was nice to us too, that is always a bonus.



We had the all clear for Alan's eye, which is great... got an appointment the 29th of September at the opticians for his glasses, cause they need changing.

We booked our travel to Uk and we will be gone from 1st till 21st of November.. by that time Wotsit will be born, and we will be staying at Dani for over a week... we are both looking forward to it very much.

Nothing much has happened here otherwise.


Several things .........

 our friend Pat has gone and we had a lovely week together, its always too short isnt it ...
we have been to arnhem to look at the bridge ( the one of the war), both alan and pat had wanted to see that, but that was disappointing, a waste of time really....before that we have been to the openair museum in arnhem.....
http://www.openluchtmuseum.nl/en/ ... we also have been at the fair in hoorn, have a walk around .... and at alans b-day the 3 of us have been to our fav restaurant in enkhuizen... we had a lovely sole again.. and some lovely scampi... dinner there is always very enjoyable....

we had a lovely and totally unexpected surprise from our friend.. eventhough alan fought against it hard, but he had no choice lol .. but appearently we are in her will ( she doesnt have kids.. and her niece is getting her house when she dies) .....but she had decided to give the ppl she loves some money now to spend it on something they want.. and she gave alan and i some money ..it means a lot to us that she appearently thought that much of us... we knew ofcourse ( alan and her are friends for 41 years already, so quite a long time) but its nice to see/hear it confirmed

tomorrow is d day for alan ... he has to be in hospital one hour earlier then was said, i had a phonecall last week to ask if we could be ther one hour earlier ... he is getting bit nervous now...one more night .. and then he will be sitting home for 3 weeks.. because with his work its too dangerous to work , too risky ... not worth it .

last week the washmachine broke down after 18 faithfull years and no problems at all during that time... ofcourse it broke down with a full load of washing in it .....that was on saturday and we had to go and buy another one... we have bought a bosch maxx 6 this time... they delivered it fridayafternoon , and its great, you hardly hear it, if it lasts as long as the other did would be great.

alan has bought a new photocamera . its an canon power shot sx1is.....the pics it makes are great and its also possible to make a video with it.

we were supposed to get our new couch last friday, but thursday we heard that our couch was still in rotterdam waiting to be released by the borderppl..longer then it normally was appearently, they hope it will arrive this week ... time will tell.. we have a couch to sit on, a loancoach, but its something to sit on lol.

Another surprise

Last night Alan called his oldest daughter and he was in total shock when she told him she was preggie as well, baby due in march 2010.

He said this morning that he is glad he didn't put money on it cause he would have lost it ......a few weeks before we heard his youngest was pregnant we said to eachother that  most likely neither of us would be  grandparents .

Youngest daugher is due half october... so that will be 2 grandchilds in 6 months... ( oldest daughter  is 36 and youngest is 34 )